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Capoeira in Mumbai, Bangalore & Goa

Capoeira de Ouro India was officially established with the kind support and guidance of Mestre Chicote, at our first Batizado in Mumbai, on 19thDecember 2014, organized by Monitors Chico and Sucuri (Sunil Singh D). There has been no looking back ever since! We continue to grow into a tight knit community of Capoeira teachers and practitioners, dedicated to sharing our undying passion for this enigmatic and vibrant Martial Art of Brazil.

Capoeira Academy was founded in mid 2014 as Capoeira Mumbai, (Under the group Capoeira de Ouro) under the guidance of Master Chicote. In 2018, Capoeira Mumbai change to to Capoeira Academy as we grew stronger with more students and expanded to other cities. We believe that the academy can provide a much wider and comprehensive learning space for people who wishes to train capoeira, who want to make it into a career as a teacher or those who just want to improve their general fitness. Capoeira Academy’s intention is to impart a healthy lifestyle in every household.

 At Capoeira Academy India it is our constant endeavour to inspire and empower through Music and Movement. bringing the very best Capoeira training and knowledge to people of all ages and walks of life, in a positive, safe and friendly environment, through our scheduled classes and events at various locations across Mumbai, Banglore and Goa.

Our values are – Friendship – Respect – Tradition – Creativity – Trust – Humility

Currently, capoeira academy India (CAI) runs in 3 different cities in Mumbai/Bangalore/Goa under the leadership of Sucuri/Axe/Ravi 



Sunil Singh D aka Sucuri’s martial art journey started at a very young age with martial arts like Taekwondo and Judo. He came across Capoeira for the first time in his teens and has never looked back. A high level of Capoeira has seamlessly integrated itself into his lifestyle.

To add to this, he is also professionally trained with a high level of expertise in many other forms of fitness, martial arts, gymnastics and movements.

Is Capoeira for Women and Children too?

As Mestre Pastinha said – Capoeira is for men, women and children, the only ones who don’t learn it are those who don’t wish to.

I haven't done Capoeira before. Can I join?

Nor had we at some point of time. Yes, of course.

But I haven't done any kind of exercise in the longest time!

In Capoeira, we first learn to crawl, then stand, then walk, and then, yes fly. Our belief is that strong basics are the most important thing.

What if I don't have the flexibility or physical strength to play Capoeira?

That is our responsibility, but what we need you to do is to show up to class. You will be surprised at the end of a month as to the number of things you will be able to do.

What exactly happens in a Capoeira Class?

The session usually starts with warm-up and stretches, followed by rigorous training, conditioning and finally cool down. A Capoeira class can also include music and various related forms of dance.

What should I wear?

You can wear any comfortable clothes in which you would be free to kick and stretch and stand upside down. (think gym/sports clothes). Shorts are not allowed in the class room. These clothes are ok for beginners.

What should I bring to class?

A smile, a towel and a bottle of water.

Where can I find some of your previous videos/photos?

You can check our previous photos/videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

How can I register?

Call us, Text us or turn up for a class.

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