What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a dance, it is a fight, it is culture and creativity.  It is an art of transformation, born from the struggle for liberation, empowerment and self-determination.




Using movement and music to inspire and empower children and adults alike, we seek to create and sustain a strong yet culturally and socially diverse community of individuals who share a simple passion for not just Capoeira but life itself.



It is our endeavor to bring the very best Capoeira training and knowledge to people of all ages and walks of life, in a positive, safe and friendly environment, through our scheduled classes and events at various locations across Mumbai and Goa.




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Our group ‘Capoeira de Ouro’ India was officially established with the kind support and guidance of Mestre Chicote, at our first Batizado in Mumbai, in December 2014; and we continue to grow into a tight knit community of Capoeira teachers and artists dedicated to sharing our undying passion for this enigmatic and vibrant Martial Art of Brazil in India.

We value:

Friendship – Respect – Tradition – Creativity – Trust – Humility