Capoeira & Movement workshop with Mestre Xuxo Goa 2019

We at CapoeirAcademy are honoured and extremely excited to have none other than Mestre Xuxo have his first ever workshop/clinic/seminar on Body Movement and Capoeira in India! On 7th and 8th of September 2019 at ‘The Inner Temple’, Moira, North Goa.













Mestre Xuxo is one of the most revolutionary and active masters of capoeira today. With over 3 decades in the field of Capoeira, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Breakdance and Movement; spent learning, unlearning, researching and evolving, he now travels all over the world spreading his contagious energy and knowledge regardless of societal divisions and hierarchies. To see Mestre Xuxo in action checkout his Instagram: @enjoyyourself.movement

This workshop will be a combination of Capoeira and
MTM: Movement Teaching Methods developed by Mestre Xuxo.

The workshop will be especially beneficial for those who practice Capoeira, BJJ, MMA, Dance, traditional Martial Arts, Sports etc.

Learn how to move and break the rules created by different artforms, understand your body better through Movement. ‘Enjoy Yourself Movement’ 🙂


The workshop will be divided into 4 sessions over two days. Each session will be of approx. 2hrs duration.